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It Came Back

She heard a noise. Not very loud, it was just a small rustling sound. Sort of like when an old dry leaf is gently pushed across concrete by a light wind.

She tilted her head to listen. She knew without actually seeing it, what it was. She’d heard that before. She heard it too many times before.

Darkness surrounded her and the oppressive stench assaulted her nostrils. She felt its presence even if she couldn’t see it. Her eyes were open, but that didn’t matter, she still couldn’t see. The darkness was total. It was so dark; her eyes were playing tricks on her. She could make out shapes in her mind, but she knew they weren’t real. IT was real. She knew that and that is what made her so frightened. She could feel herself trembling. Her breathing was raspy and difficult. Perspiration beaded her forehead. She tried to calm herself, knowing what that fear could bring about. She couldn’t let that happen. She wouldn’t let that happen. Not again.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on one thing. She thought of her husband. He was what had kept her going. The thought of him prevented her from giving up. She knew she was going to see him again. She knew it deep within her that he was still alive somewhere and that his thoughts were about her.

When had she seen him last? Days, weeks? Months? Down in these caverns time has no meaning. The dampness and solitude encroaches on your very thoughts until you can’t seem to be able to keep your concentration on anything except the best way to get free.

As imperceptible as a hair, she felt something graze her arm. She could venture a guess as to why it was here again. It had to feed. It knew where to look and how to get what it needed. But she was ready this time. She wouldn’t let it take a part of her again. Not if it was the last thing she…


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